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Fortuna Antiqua et Ultra

Concordian DawnThrough the lens of the Goddess of Fortune, Fortuna Antiqua et Ultra will focus primarily on music from the European ars antiqua, c. 1100-1300, featuring works of the troubadours and trouvères, Adam de la Halle, Vitry, the Florence MS, MS du Roi, and the Roman de Fauvel. The concluding portion of the concert will look beyond the ars antiqua to music by Josquin, Machaut, and DuFay.

Concordian Dawn specializes in Medieval vocal repertoire, focusing on socio-philosophical similarities between texts from centuries ago and the mindset of modern society, relating the human condition of the past to the familiar experiences of the present. Founded in 2012, the ensemble performs regularly on the east coast in both concert and lecture/workshop settings. www.concordiandawn.com

Christopher Preston Thompson, artistic director, tenor, medieval harp
Patrick Fennig, countertenor
Sarah Hawkey, soprano
Niccolo Seligmann, vielle


Midtown Concerts sponsors lunchtime performances of music of the 18th century and earlier for anyone seeking a respite from the midtown hustle and bustle. Ensembles are chosen by a jury of early-music specialists from the metropolitan area.

The Chapel at St. Bartholomew's Church
50th St. and Park Avenue

Time: 1:15-2:00 pm
All concerts are free; no tickets or reservations are necessary.