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One part of the mission that GEMS serves—freeing artists to concentrate on their music rather than on the logistics of presenting the music—is fulfilled with the support of people like you, early music enthusiasts and others, who care about the musical scene enough to volunteer in one capacity or another.

Sometimes that means coming into the office to help fulfill tickets or answer the phones. Often it entails volunteering as an usher or box office staff to help put on the concerts we support. Your commitment is as extensive or focused as your personal schedule allows.

Complimentary Tickets: Those who volunteer to assist at our concerts are entitled to a complimentary seat for that evening—plus the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped musicians focus on the art of playing rather than the business of performing. You will receive careful instruction in what is expected of you, and you’ll join a team of friendly, interesting people committed to the task at hand—helping put on a successful early music concert for a dedicated audience.

To volunteer or to inquire about volunteering, please email Director of Concert Services Robby Meese, or fill out the form below.


Volunteers in lobby EMES 2008     Volunteers Francesca Galesi 2016 03 31 Midtown Concerts at St Barts


A Sampling of Email Received by GEMS from Some of Our Volunteers:

I LOVE early music, and unfortunately can't afford these concerts. I've done event work, ushering, blogging, PR, etc. Is there any way you could use some of my skills as an exchange for access to a show?
Thank you,


I am a professional photographer mainly based here in NYC. I have always had a love for classical music. In college I had my own classical music radio show. Since then I also have a had particular love for early music, having been introduced to it by several friends who were studying it at the time . I remember helping one of them build her own Krumhorn and was inspired to learn to play the Viola da Gamba on her borrowed instrument. Unfortunately that was only possible for about one year. But I still remember what a great feeling it was holding that vibrating instrument so close to my body and eliciting sounds from it. This is to say that I have a deep love for early music.

So, my offer is to be there on a volunteer basis when you have a concert and take professional pictures for your own publicity, web site, album art, etc.


Hi, Paul,
Very enjoyable... not quite HEAVEN, but really wonderful!! This one was truly enhanced by impromptu intros by the performers about the instruments and pieces….
Thanks again for the oppty to get musical:)


Hello, Paul,
Our cup runneth over with abundant beautiful music and the wonderful people of GEMSNY, which I am so proud to be a part of.

Thank you.


Thank you for arranging such a delightful afternoon gathering. It really was great fun --interesting people and dancing, and great food! What a perfect way to spend a summer weekend afternoon. Thanks again for all of your efforts in putting it together, and hosting all of us! And volunteering for GEMS concerts has been lots of fun, too.


GEMS is a non-profit corporation that supports and promotes the artists and organizations in New York devoted to early music — playing repertoire from the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical periods.